Where it all begins...

Each piece is hand 100% hand crafted from the very beginning. I use three different types of clay to achieve the finished product, all non-toxic and dinnerware safe when glazed. When you purchase a piece, you are getting quality custom craftsmanship right down to every carved notch, every brushstroke, and every last detail. My hope is to share something beautiful with you all.

  • What we stand for...

    Handmade. Functional. Beauty.

    These three words embody every piece created. Nothing is manufactured, every piece serves a purpose, and each are designed with beauty in mind.

  • “Whenever you are creating beauty, you are restoring your own soul.”

    — Alice Walker

  • Every little detail...

    Each piece is made completely by hand. Every notch is hand carved, every handle and trim design is one of a kind.